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Truśt Wállet | Login to Truśt Wállet

Truśt Wállet is a smartphone-based software that enables users to store, send, or receive a variety of crypto funds. The only goal of the Trust wallet is to keep cryptocurrencies safe and have a simple design, especially for the Ethereum and ETH-based coins. The general source code of the Trust wallet is open as well as close. The closed source is specially made for smartphones like Android and iOS. The closed one allows the users to store all the private keys on their application with full safety. Also, in app development, they have introduced the backup feature that ensures full and simple recovery of the data. Trust wallet has been partners with the Kyber network and Web3 browser to provide a built-in DeFi decentralized exchange which enables a simple and easy interface to interact with the DApps via the official Trust Wallet application. Funds and tokens around the world are a bit old-fashioned don’t you think? and if you want your manual token then stay on this page and read the following article. Surely you will find what you are looking for.

Steps: Add a custom token to Trust wallet (STR)

In order to add a custom token to the Truśt Wállet, you should have the token’s contract address then follow the simple steps to add the token:

Well, Trust wallet always allows the users to add a custom token or crypto.
For adding, just tap on the filter icon( top right corner) on the Trust wallet application.
After tapping you will be able to see a list full of cryptocurrencies with the options to enable or disable.
Although, you will not able to see the tokens or crypto that you want to add to the Trust wallet.
In that case, please follow the steps to add the tokens manually:

Open the Trust Wallet and then tap on the top right corner for ‘filters’
Then, find and select the ‘Add Custom Token’ at the bottom of the page
Select and paste the Smart chain network address ‘0x30dcf96a8a0c742aa1f534fac79e99d320c97901’
Token Info: Name:SourceLess / Symbol: STR / Decimals: 13
Token has been added successfully
To activate the token and to be seen on the profile, please go to the same place and there you will find the activation button.


We hope that this article provides complete information regarding the Truśt Wállet and how you can add the tokens manually. Please follow all the instructions and do a little research by yourself too. Although, a software wallet can’t be considered as secure as a hardware wallet you can research and trust the Trust wallet, as it is still the best option for security and privacy. However, if you are still having queries and issues then please contact the customer support team or visit the official website of the Trust wallet for better assistance.